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Beines de Mielina


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Institut Guttmann
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An accessible podcast from the Institut Guttmann, co-produced with Badalona Comunicació

Beines de Mielina, Best Communication action 2023 by the College of Journalists of Catalonia.


Connecting neuroscience and people

Beines de Mielina (Myelin Sheaths) is a podcast in Catalan that will allow you to discover neuroscience from multiple perspectives; from the scientific discipline, the field of care or as a reality that affects us all, especially the millions of people who suffer from neurological disorders. Through the stories of patients at the Institut Guttmann, we will meet a multitude of professionals who will talk about how to prevent, detect and treat different pathologies, as well as making disability visible and raising awareness about the empowerment and quality of life of people with disabilities.

The title of the podcast "Beines de Mielina" (Myelin Sheaths) refers to the structure that surrounds the axon, an extension or "tail" of neurons. Myelin sheaths allow information to be transmitted quickly through nerve structures, just as this podcast will facilitate the transmission of information about neurorehabilitation, brain health and disability.

To ensure accessibility, each episode is accessible to the hearing impaired and is accompanied by audio-described subtitles as well as a transcript of the content.

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Spinal cord injury is one of the most serious causes of neurological disability.
21.05 minuts
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Language determines everything in our lives: the way we relate to...
16.23 minuts
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After a spinal cord injury, the stay in hospital is intended not only for...
15.47 minuts
Our life is filled with everyday activities that we do almost automatically...
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Episode 5, Beines de Mielina. The Institut Guttmann podcast.
18.33 minuts
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According to the WHO, more than 55 million people suffer from dementia worldwide...
23.39 minuts
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The brain is the most complex creation of the universe. A marvellous organ made up...
21.57 minuts
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It is estimated that 5% of the world's population has suffered from depression...
24.55 minuts
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Music therapy is the use of music and its elements -rhythm, melody, harmony, etc...
21.05 minuts
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Minority diseases are rare pathologies affecting less than 1 in 2,000 people...
23.00 minuts