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Promoting independent life

Preparing to return home

An intensive empowerment and rehabilitation programme in an adapted environment designed for you

This programme is specifically aimed at people affected by the aftermath of brain damage or a spinal cord injury. The onset of a disability means adapting to a new way of living and returning home can fill the patient with fears and anxiety. In these cases, we offer the possibility of following intensive outpatient rehabilitation treatment and complementing this with a stay in an adapted apartment with a family member or main caregiver.

The aim of the programme is to empower the caregiver and the individual to manage daily activities, dressings and even rehabilitation, playing an active role in the process of regaining independence and returning home. The programme combines a stay in an apartment with rehabilitation treatment and includes the intervention of a professional member of staff in cases where specific help or training is required.

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Active Life

Active Life is an innovative programme that goes one step beyond the traditional vision of hospital rehabilitation. The aim is to ensure that people regain the maximum amount of functional autonomy, as well as their ability to make decisions and manage their own lives according to their own lifestyle in an active and participatory way.

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A space that is adapted and designed for you
GBL Apartments

Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility consisting of a group of fully adapted and automated apartments that offer a wide range of complementary services tailored to each user.  

The apartments share a building with the Guttmann Barcelona Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, so it is possible to combine a stay with a specialised neurorehabilitation treatment.

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Apartamentos GBL Guttmann Barcelona Life
Apartamentos GBL Guttmann Barcelona Life
Apartamentos GBL Guttmann Barcelona Life
Apartamentos GBL Guttmann Barcelona Life
Apartamentos GBL Guttmann Barcelona Life

Participation and independent living

Episode 4, Beines de Mielina, the Institut Guttmann podcast


Plan de acompañamiento

Guttmann Barcelona Life’s Support for Independent Living Plan

The mission of the Support for Independent Living Plan is to promote the philosophy of Independent Living among people with disabilities, the people around them and the professionals who work with them, as well as to support people who are interested in this lifestyle in order to put it into practice. The aim is to promote and consolidate empowerment and self-determination for people with disabilities.

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Camp Spinal H20

An international watersports camp for young people with spinal cord injury, co-organised by the Institut Guttmann and Norway’s Sunnaas Hospital. A group of people with functional diversity live together in the city of Barcelona for a week, carrying out a full programme of sporting, cultural, training and accessibility activities.

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Sport & Life Guttmann Club

A programme of sporting, cultural and social activities for everyone. Join us and take part with your family and friends!

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Support the Institut Guttmann

There are many ways to suport us. You will make it possible for patients to receive the best neurorehabilitation and for their time in the hospital to be a motivating and hopeful experience.

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