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Advisory bodies

Social and Participation Council

The “Social and Participation Council” of the Institut Guttmann is an advisory body attached to the body responsible for the management of the Institut Guttmann, which includes representatives of the major associations of people with disabilities to whom their care activity is directed, related government agencies and professional experts, as well as members of the management team of the institute and a representative of the company committee.

It is a pioneering initiative in the health sector which reinforces the institute’s social commitment, and facilitates movement towards democratic ways of working with greater transparency, control, participation and collective responsibility.

Consell Social


Representing associations:

As experts of civil society:

Mr. David Bonvehí i Torras
Lawyer. Former mayor of Fonollosa. Former deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia

Mr. Josep M. Bosch Vidal
Secretary of the Council. Lawyer, expert in health law and personal data protection

Mr. Joan Pahisa Solé
Doctor of Computer Science. Accessibility Expert

Ms. Teresa Palahí Juan
Regional CERMIS Commissioner

Mr. Joan Subirats Humet
Professor of Political Science and IGOP researcher

Mr. Antoni Vilà Mancebo
Chair of the Council. Degree in Law. Expert in Social Policies.

Representing the government agencies:

Ms. Cecilia Fábregues i Arbués
Head of Sectoral Programmes of the Department of Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Mrs. Judit Viñals Castells
Executive Director of the Barcelonès North and Maresme Sector of the RSB. Catalan Health Service. Departament de Salut.

Mr. Xavier Garcia Albiol
Mayor of Badalona

Ms. Carme Riu Pascual
Member of the Governing Council of the Institut Municipal de Persones amb Discapacitat, Ajuntament de Barcelona

Representing the Institut Guttmann:

Dra. Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart
Co-director and Head of Medical Area

Ms. Montse Caldés Santamaría
Co-director and Managing Director

Ms. Elisabet González Martín
CSR and Communication 

Ms. Ana Suñé Peremiquel
Expert on Independent Living 

Ms. Blanca Cegarra Dueñas
Patient Experience and Social Research 

Ms. Jana Arimany Cañas
CSR and Communication 

Mr. Andrés Pajuelo Dorado
In behalf of Works Council

Joint Committee

The Institut Guttmann – UAB Joint Committee is the planning and monitoring body for the activities of the Guttmann University Institute of Neurorehabilitation, affiliated with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 

Formed by three representatives of the Institut Guttmann and three from the University, the Joint Committee coordinates the relationship between both parties and has various responsibilities:

  • To ensure compliance with established goals.
  • To establish the research and teaching lines of the University Institute.
  • To promote the course offerings and guarantee the quality of all courses.
  • To promote partnerships.
  • To report on issues arising from the affiliation agreement.


Composition of the Institut Guttmann - UAB Joint Committee:

Assumpció Malgosa Morera
Vice Chancellor of Research

Manel Armengol Carrasco
Delegate of the Rector for Relations with Health Institutions

Salvador Navarro Soto
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Montse Caldés Santamaria
Manager and Codirector, Institut Guttmann

Joan Vidal Samsó
Education Director, Institut Guttmann

Javier Solana Sanchez 
Research Director, Institut Guttmann