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Patient care

Patient care at the Institut Guttmann.

The Institut Guttmann is strongly committed to the quality and safety of the care it offers. All of our professionals work to make the care of patients and their families alike their number one priority.

The Institut Guttmann has the CSUR “Complex Spinal Injury” accreditation from the Spanish National Health System and is accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International which certifies that it complies with international quality standards for health care and management; it is also committed to environmental protection and preservation with EMAS certification, and IQNet SR10, which certifies that all the organisation’s actions incorporate socially responsible management systems.

Admission Criteria

The Institut Guttmann Neurorehabilitation Hospital is part of the Spanish National Health System and has an agreement with the Catalan Health Service to care for beneficiaries of the Public Health System.

Likewise, the Institut Guttmann has established agreements with the main work-related mutual insurance societies, insurance companies and the biggest private healthcare organisations.

To continue treatment at the Institut Guttmann, the patient, their relatives or the hospital where they are admitted should contact the Admissions Service, presenting all available medical information.

After analysing the information received and assessing whether the patient has rehabilitation goals, the medical team will determine whether it is appropriate to continue treatment in the hospital and whether it should be through admission or on an outpatient basis. Patients with an injury in the acute and subacute phase, and especially those from Intensive Care Units, will have priority for admission.

If you are a relative of a person with a severe disability of neurological origin, who is in a critical or acute/subacute phase, you can request a transfer to the Institut Guttmann to start an intensive, personalised and highly specialised neurorehabilitation process.


The UNESPA agreement, which regulates the health care of insurance companies in the event of a traffic accident, establishes that the injured party (patient and / or their family) has the right to choose the hospital where they want to be treated and carry out their rehabilitation, such as the Institut Guttmann, a reference center in Neurorehabilitation of brain trauma and spinal cord injury.

Admission process

To receive intensive neurorehabilitation treatment at the Institut Guttmann:


Contact the Institut Guttmann using this form or by phone on 934 977 700.


Send us all the medical information available or ask the hospital where your family member is located at the time to do so.


Our team will analyse the information and assess the rehabilitation goals to determine whether intensive treatment at the Institut Guttmann is appropriate and if it should be through admission or as an outpatient.


If the patient meets our admission criteria, we deal with everything needed for the transfer and admission, or for the start of outpatient treatment.

Two centres for your needs:

Institut Guttmann Hospital de Neurorrehabilitación
Información de contacto

Institut Guttmann
Neurorehabilitation Hospital

Tel. 934 977 700 ext. 2128
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.
In July and August from 8 am to 6 pm.

To schedule or change visits: or send us a message and we will contact you.

How to get here
Camí de Can Ruti, s/n 08916 Badalona 

Guttmann Barcelona Instituto de Salud Cerebral y Neurrehabilitación
Información de contacto

Guttmann Barcelona
Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute

Tel. 933 512 211
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm.

To schedule or change visits: or send us a message and we will contact you

How to get here
C/ Garcilaso, 57 08027 Barcelona

Complete your paperwork more quickly

Request clinical documentation, reports, diagnostic test results, etc.

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Request for receipts, prescriptions or other documentation related to your medical visit

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Suggestions, ideas for improvement, complaints or thanks

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Accommodation information

We have different accommodation services available both for companions of admitted patients who want to be close to their family member, and for patients in outpatient treatment.
Choose between two types of accommodation:

A space that is adapted and designed for you
Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments

Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility consisting of a group of fully adapted and automated apartments that offer a wide range of complementary services tailored to each user.  

The apartments share a building with the Guttmann Barcelona Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, so it is possible to combine a stay with a specialised neurorehabilitation treatment.

Find out more


Apartamentos GBL
Apartamentos GBL
Apartamentos GBL
Apartamentos GBL
Apartamentos GBL

Some practical information:

Primeros días en Guttmann

First days in the hospital

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Estancia en Guttmann

During your hospital stay

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