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Paediatric neurorehabilitation

Paediatric Neurorehabilitation refers to all global and interdisciplinary actions that respond to temporary or permanent needs caused by developmental alterations or deficiencies in early childhood. The aim is to achieve maximum recovery, helping the child become more autonomous and boosting the development of their abilities.

The Institut Guttmann forms the Paediatric Neurorehabilitation Unit together with the team of professionals from the Paediatrics Service from Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital with which we have established a cooperation agreement to offer this benchmark Neuropaediatric service in Catalonia.

The Child and Youth Rehabilitation Unit of the Institut Guttmann cares for children between the ages of 0 and 16 with physical, cognitive and behavioural functional sequelae derived from congenital or acquired neurological diseases or injuries, such as:

Main functions
 of the

Paediatric Neurorehabilitation Unit

  • Specialised medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment.
  • Restoration of lost functionality, minimising deficits that are secondary to the injury, and helping to gain maximum functional autonomy, quality of life, and psychomotor and educational development corresponding to the patient’s age.
  • Rehabilitation of higher functions with cognitive stimulation. We work on alternative strategies to compensate for cognitive (language, attention, visual perception, memory, executive functioning), behavioural and emotional deficits. 
  • Regular clinical follow-up during childhood and adolescence, both to control the evolution of the disability and to prevent possible complications derived from neurological injury.
  • Specialised treatment of the complications of disability (neuropaediatrics, neuro-orthopaedics, neuro-urology, neuropsychology, cognitive stimulation, educational monitoring, introduction to inclusive sports, assessment and prescription of orthotics and technical aids…).
  • Neuropsychological care, diagnosis and treatment of psychomotor disorders and learning difficulties.
Parálisis cerebral infantil

Education and family support

We offer health education, information, advice and personalised support to the family in all aspects that promote health, autonomy and quality of life, as well as the mainstreaming and social inclusion of children and young people with disabilities. We accompany the child and their family throughout their growth, with the best comprehensive neurorehabilitation and controlling their development and any complications that arise from their disability at all times. 

We also advise and provide expert support to other health and social services of the different healthcare networks.

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Functional rehabilitation outside of school hours

The Children’s Neurorehabilitation Unit offers this outpatient service at a time compatible with children’s schooling (from 5 pm to 7 pm) to guarantee that they do not miss out on their studies, while facilitating mainstreaming, inclusion and better social integration.

Rehabilitación funcional en horario extraescolar

Other specialist programmes

  • The medical and surgical treatment of spasticity (physiotherapy, medication, botulinum toxin, implantation of continuous intrathecal baclofen perfusion pumps…).
  • Specialised orthopaedic surgery, tetraplegic hand, tendon transposition to improve functionality and gait, multilevel surgery...
  • Intensive gait analysis and rehabilitation, with or without non-invasive brain stimulation.
  • The study, medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the neurogenic bladder.
  • Treatment of dysphagia and neuropathic bowel.
  • Sensory stimulation programme (Snoezelen) and music therapy.

Music therapy and Neurorehabilitation

Episode 9, Beines de Mielina, the Institut Guttmann podcast



Sports camps

The Institut Guttmann regularly organises sports camps for young people between the ages of 10 and 18. At these camps, young people enjoy sporting and cultural activities and work on therapeutic aspects related to carrying out activities of daily living, planning tasks, wheelchair handling, accessibility, training in the community, etc.

The camp usually lasts for 4-5 days, including overnight stays in accessible locations, and the young people are accompanied by expert instructors from the Institut Guttmann who guide users throughout the entire programme of activities.

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Campus deportivos

Sports&Life Guttmann

The Sports&Life activities programme includes activities aimed at young children. Sports&Life makes it possible to do sport and get involved in other social and cultural activities in a different environment to usual and in an inclusive way, contributing to the mood and health of participants. The activities, organised in partnership with other specialised organisations, are coordinated and supervised by the Institut Guttmann and are always accompanied and supervised by hospital staff.

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Sports&Life Guttmann Club