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Code of ethics, transparency and good governance

As a private foundation, the Institut Guttmann gives accounts to the Protectorate of Foundations, tutelage service, control and supervision of the Justice Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia. In addition, in accordance with the relevant legislation, also gives accounts annually to the Department of Health, the Audit Office and the government Intervention of the Generalitat of Catalonia; as well as the Finance Ministry of the Spanish Government.

Aware that human relationships play a key role in its development, the Institut Guttmann believes that respect for human dignity, trust and integrity, autonomy and nondiscrimination are core values that must be taken into account in all its activities.

Therefore, maintains a legal behavior, honest, ethical and responsible for promoting all relationships established, from people with neurological disabilities and their families -who dedicates its preferential activity-, its team of professionals and collaborators -vitals for the success of the institutional mission- and the different administrations, institutions, organizations, companies or individuals with whom interact in the development of its objectives.

According with the principles of Institut Guttmann:

  • Collects the ethical commitments related to it different fields of activity through the Ethical Code of Institut Guttmann.
  • The social status of the foundation sets standards of good governance that have to accomplish all the members of the Board (responsibilities, gratuity, conflict of interest...) as well as the management team.
  • Through an independent expert firm realizes an Audit of the Annual Accounts just to guarantee appropriate asset management.
  • Subjected to national and international organisms of Accreditation, that certificates the security and quality of its welfare benefits, scientific and educational; as well as the proper environmental protection.
  • Systematically, evaluates the functional outcomes, psychological and social integration of its care process providing the best guarantee effectiveness in treatments.
  • Exercises a policy of total transparency of the information through the annual edition of The Annual report.
  • To ensure the confidentiality in all its actions, it’s adhered to the Type Code of the Union Catalan of Hospitals.
  • Through the Healthcare Ethics Commiteeensures the protection of the rights of the person and ensure for an accurate exercise of clinical procedures and clinical research processes.
  • Delivers at every new patient an Informative Dossier that includes a section about patient’s rights and duties, regular functioning of the organization, and the procedures to direct their complaints or suggestions.
  • Gives accounts of all their actions and submits its main projects to the opinion of the Social Participation Council of the Institut Guttmann, where are represented the principal associations of people with disabilities to which devotes its services, experts from civil society and the authorities concerned.


The Institut Guttmann is committed to maintaining a special sensitivity and attention from all areas of action for emerging social needs, especially those that affect people with disabilities, and try to always be an example of organization responsible, outstanding, solidarity and committed with people, social progress and environmental preservation.

Legal Compliance

In the event that professionals or collaborating entities were aware of any irregular practice related to the breach or violation of the behaviors included in the Code of Ethics or in the Code of Conduct, they will have to inform the Institut Guttmann through the channels of communication established for this purpose:
a) By email addressed to the address:
b) By mail addressed to:
Institut Guttmann Foundation
Management M - Code of Ethics
Camí de Can Ruti, s / n
08916 Badalona
These channels will also serve to resolve doubts related to the interpretation of the principles contained in these documents.


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