Why choose the Institut Guttmann?


International Centre of Excellence in Neurorehabilitation

The Institut Guttmann, with OVER 55 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, is today one of the world’s best hospitals in the intensive, personalised and specialised rehabilitation of people affected by a nervous system injury.




Highly specialised

The Institut Guttmann is a hospital dedicated exclusively to the medical and surgical treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of people with severe neurological pathologies. Our professional team treats more than 4,500 patients a year to help them achieve greater functional autonomy and a better quality of life. In turn, having other patients with similar cases nearby not only favours the concentration of knowledge and the expertise of its professionals, but also the exchange of experiences. Sharing experiences with more experienced patients and other families is always of great help and comfort.




Human and professional quality

The Institut Guttmann has a great team of professionals who are not just highly competent, but also offer a high level of compassion, always dealing with patients in a respectful and warm manner. The organisation ensures the well-being and peace of mind of both patients and their families. 

Calidad humana y profesional


Interdisciplinary care model

The Institut Guttmann care model is based on interdisciplinary teams which, coordinated by the rehabilitation physician, are responsible for the comprehensive treatment of the patient throughout their stay in the hospital. This therapeutic team sets the rehabilitation goals for each patient, proposing the most appropriate personalised treatment oriented towards the patient and their family so that they can achieve successful reintegration at home after being discharged from hospital.




Innovation applied to neurorehabilitation

The Institut Guttmann carries out intense scientific, research and teaching activity in the field of neuroscience in general, and in the field of neurorehabilitation and technologies applied to personal autonomy in particular. The main aim of the translational research model is to provide the latest and most cutting-edge technological, robotic and clinical solutions to patients, transferring the results of basic research into daily clinical practice as quickly as possible. 

Innovación aplicada a la neurorrehabilitación


The effectiveness of its treatments, backed by the results of its healthcare process

One of the main commitments of the professional team at the Institut Guttmann is to certify the therapeutic value of clinical procedures through scientific evidence; for this reason, all healthcare processes follow protocols, patients and their progress are monitored, and the results achieved during the rehabilitation process are assessed. At the end of the therapeutic intervention, an average of 95% of the goals set by the rehabilitation team on admission are achieved




Empowerment and independent living

The Institut Guttmann is committed to making progress in the rehabilitation model of people who have suffered sequelae derived from a neurological injury, empowering the patient and/or their family, and, whenever possible, concentrating activities on the community environment with the aim of achieving a full and faster reintegration into their family and society on discharge from the neurorehabilitation process. In short, we work to promote independent living and the person’s maximum autonomy.

Empoderamiento y Vida independiente


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

With regard to healthy living, the main aim of the Institut Guttmann is to promote the improvement of lifestyle habits related to brain health (physical exercise, diet, cognitive training, sleep, socialisation and feeling motivated by life). These habits help us delay the appearance of changes associated with ageing, minimise the symptoms of neurological diseases, and optimise brain capacity. The Institut Guttmann favours the participation of people with disabilities in the field of education and physical activity in their immediate environment, improving their functional capacities and motor skills, thereby improving socialisation and getting them interested in physical activity; this helps them continue with the activity once the rehabilitation process is completed.




Unique facilities

The hospital is located in a modern building of more than 20,000 m², specially designed and equipped for its function. Its modern and comfortable facilities, together with the permanent incorporation of the most advanced technologies for the development of specialised clinical activity, make it one of the most modern Neurorehabilitation hospitals in the world.




Institutional values

The Fundació Institut Guttmann has a strong institutional commitment to service and a warm and personal service based on the principles of recognising functional diversity, personal autonomy, quality of life, normalisation and social inclusion, and promoting independent living, as established in the “UN International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.