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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Institut Guttmann, as a social initiative entity and as an organization dedicated to the neurorehabilitation of people with a neurological disability, is in itself an organization with a strong social commitment that includes the current concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to its DNA. Since the foundation at 1965, the Institut Guttmann have been dedicating its efforts to people (patients and their families) and it has been working in the fields of teaching and research. The Institut Guttmann also carries out an important social work for the inclusion and the equality of opportunities of the disability.

In coherence with its mission, vision and values, and with a strong commitment to continuously improve, the Institut Guttmann has decided to make a contribution for CSR, becoming a leading organization in the health sector that works very actively and in a decisive way in this line:

CSR Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Institut Guttmann Foundation has approved a single document that becomes the transversal policy of the entire organization and from which the Plans (Triennial) and the Programs (Annual) are derived.

The CSR Policy. It is now the document that, in line with the founding objective, expresses the will, objectives, guidelines, strategies and continued action of the CSR and Compliance Management system of the Institut Guttmann, from voluntary involvement and beyond what is established by current legislation.

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Transparency and Good Government

The Institut Guttmann has a policy of total informative transparency and its institutional website has a section where it regularly publishes and updates all the information and documentation related to its management, such as strategic lines, plans and programs, and also about accounts and results of their activities.

CSR Progress Report

The Institut Guttmann annually elaborates a report on Corporate Social Responsibility that is part of the Report - Social Balance that the institution had been already publishing historically. Therefore, now a single document, on a CSR website, collects all the annual activity developed always within the framework of the CSR.

The document is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (Core Version) and is in line with the revision of GRI indicators, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Economy of the Common Good. 

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IQNet SR10 Certification

The Institut Guttmann has the IQNet SR10 Social Responsibility Management System certification, according to the international management standards that collect the best practices and recommendations at the international level in the field of CSR.

United Nations Global Compact

The Institut Guttmann Foundation is a signing partner of the United Nations Global Compact and it is firmly committed to the principles and objectives. The Institut Guttmann has been one of the first entities to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the CSR Report.

To do this, the CSR Commission  has developed an analysis of those Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the Global Compact in which it especially contributes with the implementation of its activity.

Economy of the Common Good 

The Institut Guttmann is in Catalonia the first organization in the health sector that joins the global movement of the  Economy of the Common Good. It formalized the membership in 2015 and since then, it reports its indicators. The balance of the Economy of the Common Good of the Institut Guttmann has been favorably audited and has obtained one of the highest scores in Spain. 


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