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Cerebral palsy in children

  • Spastic paralysis.
  • Dystonic paralysis.
  • Ataxic paralysis.
  • Mixed paralysis.

Treatment of cerebral palsy in children

Treatment during the development phase will be aimed at directing psychomotor development in each case by preventing complications. Paediatric neurorehabilitation plays a key role during this process. 

In the adult phase, once neuromotor acquisitions have stabilised, it is important to carry out a follow-up at least once a year for the early detection of possible complications, as well as assessing functionality and ensuring it is maintained.

Paediatric neurorehabilitation

Paediatric neurorehabilitation plays a key role when treating a paediatric stroke. Specialised medical, surgical and rehabilitative treatment will help to restore lost functionality, minimising deficits that are secondary to the injury, and helping to gain maximum functional autonomy, quality of life, and psychomotor and educational development corresponding to the patient’s age.

The Child and Youth Rehabilitation Unit of the Institut Guttmann cares for boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 16 with physical, cognitive and behavioural functional sequelae derived from neurological diseases or injuries. We also offer regular clinical follow-up during childhood and adolescence, both to control the evolution of the disability and to prevent possible complications derived from neurological injury.

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Training and improvement at Guttmann Barcelona

Patients can follow personalised treatment programmes to optimise their functional capacity or address a specific problem resulting from their neurological impairment. At Guttmann Barcelona patients can follow a totally personalised training and functionality improvement programme.

Guttmann Barcelona

The Guttmann Barcelona, Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute offers personalised training and functional improvement programmes, as well as specialised intensive programmes. 

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A space that is adapted and designed for you
GBL apartments

Guttmann Barcelona Life is a social facility consisting of a group of fully adapted and automated apartments that offer a wide range of complementary services tailored to each user. 

The apartments share a building with the Guttmann Barcelona Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation Institute, so it is possible to combine a stay with a specialised neurorehabilitation treatment.

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GBL apartments
GBL apartments
GBL apartments
GBL apartments
GBL apartments

Sports camps

The Institut Guttmann regularly organises sports camps for young people between the ages of 10 and 18. At these camps, young people enjoy sporting and cultural activities and work on therapeutic aspects related to carrying out activities of daily living, planning tasks, wheelchair handling, accessibility, training in the community, etc.

Youth Ability Camp

Sports&Life Guttmann Club

The Sports&Life activities programme includes activities aimed at young children. Sports&Life makes it possible to do sport and get involved in other social and cultural activities in a different environment to usual and in an inclusive way, contributing to the mood and health of participants. The activities, organised in partnership with other specialised organisations, are coordinated and supervised by the Institut Guttmann and are always accompanied and supervised by hospital staff.

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Sports&Life Guttmann Club

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