Publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

Publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

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Publication of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2021

You already have at your disposal a new edition of the Report - Social Balance that integrates the report of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Institut Guttmann in relation to the activity of the year 2021. A report in web format, that offers the information in an interactive, accessible and transparent way, emphasizing those most relevant events carried out by the organization during the past year.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Report is based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative model (Core Version) and it is in line with the revision of indicators established by the SDGs of the United Nations Global Compact and the indicators of the Economy of the Common Good. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report helps us to comply with the standards of the IQNet SR-10 which certifies that the Institut Guttmann incorporates CSR management systems in a transversal way in all our actions.

This year, in addition, the report incorporates improvements over previous years, following the guidelines that the Avedis Donabedian Foundation (FAD) proposed to us in relation to the report analysis of the Report - Social Balance 2020. In this way, the organization, in an exercise of transparency and good governance, makes available to its target audiences all the information relating to the different areas of the foundation (economic, welfare, scientific, educational, social and environmental) and allows us to report our practices in matters of social responsibility.

The report is available in Catalan, Spanish and English and you can consult it at

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