The Fundació Institut Guttmann has a new Equality Plan

The Fundació Institut Guttmann has a new Equality Plan

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The new Equality Plan was approved on January 4th by the joint Negotiating Commission constituted for this purpose and formed by 10 members representing the organisation and the representatives of the employees, including the most representative trade unions in the sector (CC.OO and UGT).

This Plan, which complies with current legislation, was drawn up during 2023; negotiations began on 25 January 2023 and ended with the signing on 4 January 2024. Subsequently, it has been registered in REGCON (Registry and deposit of collective agreements, collective work agreements and equality plans).

The Equality Plan includes the commitments made by the Institut Guttmann to keep working, in terms of equality, in a real and effective way. Reaching the agreement and subsequent signing has been an arduous process that has required meetings, analysis and negotiations throughout 2023 between the social partners (trade union representatives) and the organisation, within the Negotiating Committee.

Some of the most noteworthy actions during 2023 were:

  • A survey on the perception of the level of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, aimed at the entire team of professionals.
  • Preparation of a diagnosis of the situation regarding equality in the organisation.
  • The review and redesign of the Protocol for Preventing and Dealing with situations such as sexual and psychological harassment, gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination in the workplace.
  • The creation of a pay register to detect and analyse possible pay gaps.
  • An audit of the pay register was carried out by the external consultancy Ingecal.
  • Training sessions on equality for all professionals.
  • The implementation of the Complaints Channel.

Now, with the agreement of this Plan - valid for the next 4 years - a Monitoring Committee will be created which will continue to work on its deployment in the course of 2024.