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Institut Guttmann Technical Symposia

Every year since 1989, the Institut Guttmann has organised scientific symposium on the study and dissemination of specific issues related to neurological disability and specialised integral rehabilitation, in which world renowned professionals from hospitals, institutions and associations of people with disabilities both in Spain and abroad, as well as the Institut Guttmann own staff participate as lecturers and speakers.

The topics, the large attendance and the participation of professionals with both national and international prestige, as well as representatives of the largest associations of people with disabilities, has made this conference a Spanish benchmark in the field of neurorehabilitation and a must for its professionals and individuals with disabilities.

Technical symposia
2021 Covid-19 and Neurorehabilitation
2020 Brain Health for life
2019 Neurotechnology and rehabilitation
2018 Brain Health 
2017 Neuropsychology and school: Modeling the brain
2016 Empowerment, personal autonomy, neuroethics
2015 50th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann, special edition.
2014 Therapeutic innovations in the treatment of neuropathic pain
2013 Neuroregeneration: Where are we? What can we expect?
2012 Reshaping the brain. Neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation
2011 4th ESPA (European Spinal Psychologists Association) Symposium
2010 Progress in the treatment of TBI: addressing head injury behavioural disorders
2009 Infant Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
2008 Spinal Cord Injury: Regeneration and Rehabilitation
2007 Post-polio syndrome, how to deal with the problem
2006 “MS: new challenges, new opportunities” - Annual Meeting of the RIMS'2006
2005 A window to the future of neurorehabilitation: Spinal cord injury - Acquired brain injury
2004 Toward Standardisation of Adapted Sports for People with Disabilities
2003 Neurorehabilitation and Language
2002 II Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurorehabilitation
2001 Healthcare approach to the Person in a Persistent Vegetative State
2000 Advances in the treatment of spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Reality and challenges in the 21st century
1999 Specialised Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury
1998 The comprehensive rehabilitation of people with traumatic neurological disability (SCI, TBI)
1997 Traffic accidents and their consequences. Preventing injuries to the central nervous system
1996 Neurorehabilitation in multiple sclerosis
1995 Ageing with disabilities
1994 Functional rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities. Neurorehabilitation
1993 The cost of disability. Compensation. Pensions
1992 Nursing: human resources at the service of people
1991 Workplace and professional integration of people with disabilities in the European Community
1990 Advances in sexuality and fertility of people with spinal cord injuries and other major physical disabilities
1989 Paralympic Games: A platform for the social integration of people with disabilities?
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