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Briefings: Talking

The informative space “Talking” is a classroom activity in which representatives of the Institut Guttmann talk interactively about aspects related to physical disabilities of neurological origin and its activities in the healthcare, teaching, research and social fields.

It is aimed at people who, individually or in groups, are interested in understanding the situation that a disability generates and in knowing about the Institut’s various programs and projects. Minors must be with an adult to attend. The content is aimed at young people and adults.

The sessions are conducted at the Institut Guttmann in Badalona, and they last about two hours. You should call ahead to arrange attendance and to confirm the time.


How do you contact us?

To request a “Talking” session, please contact:

Tel. (+34) 93 497 77 00 ext. 2124 - 3273

Wednesday, 26 September, 2018 - 12:32