Participate and together we will remove barriers and build a better society

Participate and together we will remove barriers and build a better society

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We have launched PARTICIPA, the first social research project led by the Institut Guttmann and promoted together with the other associations of people with disabilities that are part of the Social and Participation Council and other experts and entities related to the world of disability.

The aim of this project is to know and understand how to promote the participation of people with disabilities in the community to create a fully inclusive society.

Therefore, we need your participation! If you are of legal age and have a disability of neurological origin, you can register through the website and you will become part of a virtual community. From your personal space, you will be able to answer a series of questionnaires that will allow us to know which factors facilitate or hinder your participation and, in this way, find innovative solutions that make it possible for everyone to participate in equal conditions.

Participating will allow you to know how you can increase your participation in society, you will be part of the discussion forums, where you can give voice to your opinions, report situations and provide solutions, you will get advice on good practices and you will have information and resources that will empower you and help you live better your day to day.

We inform you that your data will be stored safely and confidentially in accordance with current data protection regulations and will only be used for scientific purposes.

From the Institut Guttmann, we build the future day by day, and now we need you to promote together a social transformation in favor of the defense of the rights of people with disabilities.

You will find all the information about PARTICIPA by clicking here.