The Institut Guttmann again certified in Corporate Social Responsibility

The Institut Guttmann again certified in Corporate Social Responsibility

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For another year, the Institut Guttmann Foundation has obtained the renewal of the recognized IQNet SR10 Certification, an international standard for the management of Corporate Social Responsibility and improvement that includes the best international practices in this area.

To achieve this, the institution has undergone an audit carried out by AENOR, to assess the management of the relevant sustainability, economic, environmental, social and good governance aspects, as well as the relationships with the various stakeholders. In this way, the Institut Guttmann renews and reinforces its commitment to improve health, society, the environment, and especially with the world of disability, its awareness and the fight for equal opportunities.

Since 2015, the Institut Guttmann decided to make a clear commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility as a policy of transversal value throughout the organization, thus becoming a leading organization in the healthcare sector. In fact, since 2017 the Institutional Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Institut Guttmann is the document that governs the objectives, orientation, and strategies of the Foundation.

In addition, the Institut Guttmann Foundation, is a member entity and a signatory partner of the United Nations Global Compact, it is firmly committed to its principles and to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Consult the CSR report in web format here.