The artists Laura Iniesta and Martí Boada give the Institut Guttmann two of their works for the 55th anniversary

The artists Laura Iniesta and Martí Boada give the Institut Guttmann two of their works for the 55th anniversary

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Litografia Laura Iniesta para el 55 aniversario del Institut Guttmann

As a gift for the 55th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann, the plastic artist Laura Iniesta and the doctor in environmental sciences and geographer Martí Boada have wanted to recognize the work that we carry out giving one of their works.

The recognized artist from Barcelona Laura Iniesta does not leave the spectator indifferent with her painting, which stands out for its great visual impact, strength, and capacity to move. The work that she conceived and carried out especially for the occasion is a serigraphy entitled "Solidaritat" which, as she explains, "is the result of thinking, analyzing, studying and feeling what the Institut Guttmann is for me".

Laura starts from an idea, from a composition, but along the way, coincidences arise, often from her own subconscious, which end up shaping the final work. The artist states that "Solidaritat" represents: "the strength, the collaboration, the eagerness for overcoming and the joy".

Martí Boada sees art as a mean to, among others, incite and lead to social change. The situation of confinement caused by the covid-19, inspired him to create the work "Forest Art: Cerebral Confinement in Douglas". It is a metaphor for the confinement of thought. The work is set on a conifer representing the brain, and in the center, painted with the colors of the Rainbow, the hopeful thought. This is covered by a steel structure that symbolizes the anomalous and unwanted containment caused by the current crisis and the uncertainty that it entails.

As a thank you for the support given by the Amics de l’Institut Guttmann and to make them participate in the 55th anniversary celebration, a copy of the lithograph signed by Laura Iniesta has been given to each of them. Martí Boada's sculpture is on display in the hospital's animation area.

Thank you very much to both artists for dedicating their work and creativity to us on such a special date for the Institut Guttmann.