Aliança entre HM Hospitales i l’Institut Guttmann per a l’atenció del pacient neurològic

Aliança entre HM Hospitales i l’Institut Guttmann per a l’atenció del pacient neurològic

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Alianza entre HM Hospitales y el Institut Guttmann para la atención del paciente neurológico

HM Hospitals and the Institut Guttmann will offer adult and pediatric patients, who suffer from any neurological disease or injury, the best treatment specialized in neurology, neuropediatrics, neuropsychology and neurorehabilitation, through expert interdisciplinary teams.

The collaboration agreement was signed in April 2019 but Covid-19 forced its implementation to be delayed. In the words of Dr. Ramírez, director of the Institut Guttmann, "working with HM Hospitals is an opportunity to grow beyond what has made us known internationally, spinal cord injury and acquired brain damage, bringing our knowledge in neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology to others. pathologies of neurological origin to which, as a monographic center, until now it was more difficult for us. It also offers us the possibility to take our specialized services to other places of the Spanish geography ".

The collaboration has begun at the HM Children Hospital through the care of pediatric patients with neurodevelopmental problems through the intervention of neuropediatricians from the children's hospital and expert neuropsychologists from Guttmann Barcelona, ​​Institute of Brain Health and Neurorehabilitation. It has continued at HM Delphi Hospital with the neuropsychological approach (emotional, cognitive and behavioral disorders) of patients with acquired brain damage.

There is also a new collaboration agreement in a translational research project in the development of 'Prehabilitation', a new technique to reduce surgical risks, sequelae and improve quality of life of these patients after the intervention.