2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2020 ACTIVITY REPORT - Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Once again, the Institut Guttmann Foundation presents its ACTIVITY REPORT - Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report, now for the year 2020, describes the most relevant events carried out by the organization during this year.

2020 was the first year of the new "Strategic Plan 2020-2025", a year absolutely influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic which forced the institution to change rapidly day by day to adapt to a situation unknown and difficult. This exceptional situation has shown the high degree of commitment of the professionals of the Institut Guttmann Foundation, who have been able to respond with a high level of interest at both the competence and human levels.

The synergy of the collaboration established with the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital (HGTiP) during the first wave of the pandemic, has created a shared awareness of the enormous potential and the many advantages that for both institutions represents a greater and most ambitious strategic alliance.

The pandemic, in the first wave, practically forced us to empty the hospital of our usual neurological patients to care for people affected by Covid-19, with the Sports Pavilion transformed into a field hospital that eventually did not go away, but continued to operate until mid-April 2021, with the disadvantages that this entails for the development of rehabilitation activity.

At Guttmann Barcelona, ​​because of the health emergency situation, we were forced to completely close the activity of the Neuroclinic.

A very complicated and exhausting year in which, under normal conditions, we would have celebrated with greater intensity the 55th anniversary of our institution, which due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, has not been possible.

We invite you to consult the full report of the activity carried out in 2020.