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Master in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation

On-site university master's degree.

The master's degree in Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation aims to train engineers in a multidisciplinary way with a high level of skills, which allows them to easily adapt to positions of responsibility in hospitals, companies or research centers in the field of neuroengineering and rehabilitation in the field of health. It is proposed that the student acquires a knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of neuroengineering and rehabilitation and the associated technology. The subjects will provide knowledge and skills on neural engineering, sensory, brain and muscle systems, assistive technology and cognitive, motor and cardiorespiratory therapies, among others.

The UPC is coordinator of this master's degree, which is taught jointly between the UAB, the UPC and the Institut Guttmann.



Tel. 93 497 77 00 ext. 2360


1 academic year and a half.

90 ECTS credits

Teaching methodology

The proposed teaching methodology and evaluation may undergo some modification depending on the face-to-face restrictions imposed by the health authorities.

Master's Duration

1 academic year and a half.

Start: September

Price of the master

Approximate price of the master without additional costs, € 2,490 (€ 6,225 for non-EU residents).

Teaching resources

The Master has an online platform for learning and communication support. It contains the teaching guides for each of the modules, the class scripts and recommended articles, the contact e-mails with the coordinators, as well as forums where students and teachers have the possibility of maintaining contact outside of the classes.

Modules ETCS
Semester 1  
Anatomy and Physiopathology 4,5
Rehabilitation Therapies  3
Rehabilitation equipment 4,5
Biomedical Signals 4,5
Medical Images 4,5
Biomaterials 4,5
Modeling and Simulation of Biomedical Systems 4,5
Semester 2  
Mobility assistive technologies 3
Human-Machine Interfaces 4,5
Neuromodulation and Neuroestimulation 3
Data analysis in rehabilitation 4,5
Neuroimage 4,5
m-Health systems 3
Virtual Reality and Serious Games 3
Biomechanics 4,5
Semester 3  
Academic Compulsory Work Placement 18
Master's Degree Dissertation 12
Total ECTS  60



Academic calendar
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