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Mireia Sanz

“I learned the meaning of words like effort, perseverance and companionship.”

Mireia Sanz
39 years old - Sabadell

My relationship with the Institut Guttmann began after I suffered a spinal cord injury from a motorbike accident. I didn’t know the place, but people told me they performed miracles there!

The first thing I saw on arrival was the logo and it didn’t really convince me.
This fear disappeared as soon as they welcomed me, as they did so with such care and attention. In fact, they made me feel at home, which is a good thing as my stay lasted almost 9 months. I understood that my new life began there and that they would help me achieve it.

Over those months, I learned the meaning of words like effort, perseverance, companionship, and above all I learned that there is no such thing as “I can’t” and that I could never again afford to stop smiling for a single day.