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Juan Carlos Fernandez

“Thanks to the great team of people and the great family that is Guttmann.”

Juan Carlos Fernandez
50 years old - Vilassar de Dalt

At the age of 36, in the prime of my life, I had a motorbike accident with a spinal cord injury that left me with incomplete quadriplegia. They told me I would spend my life in bed or, at most, in an electric wheelchair. After 3 months in hospital, I was referred to the Institut Guttmann. I arrived there with little hope of leading a totally independent life without needing to rely on another person.

Thanks to the amazing team of people and the great family that is Guttmann, in addition to hard work on my part, I went home being able to lead a practically normal life and am totally independent in my daily life. Fifteen years later I am still grateful to this fabulous team. I have managed to have a family, practise a sport that I am passionate about, “Quad Rugby”, and now I can say again that I am in the prime of my life.