Blanca Benet

“A rehabilitation doctor and a neurologist gave us guidelines and a plan for our daughter to follow.”

Blanca Benet

My daughter, Blanca, had a brain tumour in 2017. She suffered serious side effects from the operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment: loss of speech, hypotonia, ataxia, hemiparesis on the left side, facial paralysis and no sight on the side affected by the paralysis. Once her treatment was finished and the disease was cured, we focused on her rehabilitation, which the Institut Guttmann advised us on. 
The truth is that it was a relief for us to be admitted, as the centre has taken great care of our daughter, giving us answers and treatments for everything she has been through. 
Before starting her treatment, she was visited by a rehabilitation doctor and a neurologist who gave us guidelines and a plan for our daughter to follow. We started three days a week with occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and music therapy. It was just what we were looking for: highly trained professionals, the chance to work on several different areas of rehabilitation on the same day and all in the same centre. 
Right now Blanca speaks and we understand everything, she eats by herself, she walks with a walker and has gained a lot of strength and balance. Our daughter has improved so much, and although it is constant long-term work, with treatments and plenty of stimulation from Guttmann we are sure she will continue to improve and make progress. 
Another great aspect of the Institut Guttmann hospital is that Blanca has fun and is motivated with the rest of the children when they do the group treatments. They try to make sure they are with children of similar ages and they end up becoming very good friends.
To sum up, I would say that we are very grateful as they have guided us through the treatments and have provided us with solutions for our daughter, which is what we needed.

Mercedes de Ros, Blanca’s mother.