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Other ways to get involved

Alternative measures

Fundació Institut Guttmann, recipient of alternative measures

Institut Guttmann is one of the organisations recognised as a recipient of alternative measures by companies that cannot directly fulfil the reservation of jobs for people with disabilities.

According to the Spanish General Law on the Rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion, companies with 50 or more employees are required to hire a number of people with disabilities that is at least 2% of the workforce (previously regulated in the LISMI - Law of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities).

What are the alternative measures for compliance with the General Law on the Rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion?

The Law states that in certain cases in which it is especially difficult to comply with the obligation of directly hiring workers with a disability, companies may carry out alternative measures, including making a financial donation to officially recognised entities (foundations or associations declared of public utility such as the Fundació Institut Guttmann) that are totally or partially dedicated to professional training, job placement or job creation for people with disabilities.

For more information send an email to or call us at 934 977 700 (ext. 2310)

Institut Guttmann

Wills and charitable bequests

Make your charitable giving last

Wills and charitable legacies allow your generosity and commitment to continue to benefit many people when you are no longer here. Whilst fully respecting the rights of your heirs, you can include this desire in your will to help the Fundació Institut Guttmann look for new intensive rehabilitation treatments and promote social initiatives that include and support people with disabilities.

Why make a charitable will?

Making a will involves thinking about your heirs, but it is also a charitable act as it prolongs your commitment to wanting a better world for future generations.

How can you include the Fundació Institut Guttmann in your will?

  • By donating a portion of your assets through a bequest (an amount of money, a percentage of the value of your estate, a property, jewellery, works of art, shares...)
  • By appointing us as joint heirs if your wish is to leave assets to more than one person or institution, indicating the percentage for each party
  • As a universal heir if you do not have heirs

For more information send an email to or call us on 934 977 700 (ext. 3219)

Charitable initiatives

There are other original ways of collaborating with the Fundació Institut Guttmann. Here are some examples:

  • Organise a sporting or fun event to raise funds for one of our projects.
  • Make your celebration (wedding, engagement, birthday...) support the Institut Guttmann Foundation, sharing your commitment with friends and family.
  • Create a challenge on sites like to benefit our cause, share it and help us make possible our most essential projects.
  • Make the company where you work a Company Friend and get your colleagues involved with a challenge for the Fundació Institut Guttmann.

To tell us about your idea and ask for our help, send us an email to or call us on 934 977 700 (ext. 3219)