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Sra. Montse Caldés Santamaría

Montse Caldés

Sra. Montse Caldés Santamaría

Co- director. Manager

Montse Caldés has an important professional experience in the health sector in Catalonia and an extensive curriculum in the management of health services. Graduated in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona, ​​she is currently Manager and Co-Director of the Institut Guttmann Foundation.

Previously, she has developed her professional career as Manager of Economic Planning of the Economic Resources Area of ​​the Catalan Health Service and Director of Complementary Services and Economic-Financial Services of the Fundació Puigvert, etc.

In May 2022, she was appointed president of the Technical Commission of the Balance Sheet Center of the Catalan Health Service, a management body and one of the instruments for generating knowledge about the health sector from an economic point of view.

Currently, Montse Caldés also holds the position of vice president of La Unió. Association of Health and Social Entities that brings together more than 115 entities, 761 devices and more than 70,000 professionals, and represents the plurality of the provision network of the health and social system of Catalonia.