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Dr. Javier Solana Sánchez

Dr. Javier Solana

Dr. Javier Solana Sánchez

Director of Research

A graduate in Telematics Engineering and a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, he holds a master's degree in Telemedicine and Bioengineering, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. His expertise is focused on research and innovation in the field of neuroscience, with special interest in the application of technology to improve health services. He has a strong background in telecommunications and biomedical engineering, and his work has led to the development of numerous solutions and approaches that have had a significant impact in the field of cognitive assessment, rehabilitation and training.
During his career, Dr. Solana has participated in more than 18 national and European research projects, many of them focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. For example, he has worked on the development of a mobileHealth coaching solution to monitor and promote healthy habits, as well as on the design of data management systems to optimise brain resilience and recovery after neurological injuries.

His relationship with the Institut Guttmann began in 2008, actively participating in the development and improvement of the GNPT® telerehabilitation platform, as well as working on several national and European research projects. He joined the Institut Guttmann's Research, Innovation and Teaching Office in 2016 as the technology lead and manager of the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI), a large-scale longitudinal cohort study that has involved more than 6,000 volunteers.