The Heart of Guttmann

The Institut Guttmann’s gym is the most important space in the Functional Rehabilitation Area, and most of the 5,000 patients that our hospital treats annually pass through here at some point. The aim of this space is to recover as much as possible the autonomy of people who have seen some of their functions diminished due to either a spinal cord or brain injury. 

To carry out this rehabilitation process, Guttmann's team of professionals works tirelessly every day to get the best response from each individual, using the most advanced and specialised technology.

But time ticks on and the gym at the Neurorehabilitation hospital, the Heart of Guttmann, needs renovating in order to adapt to new needs and environments and to continue beating more strongly than ever.

Now we need your help, and every single donation will allow us to start as soon as possible. Do you want to take part in this vital project? Donate now for the Heart of Guttmann!