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Game Over


“GAME OVER” is a programme to prevent traffic accidents that aims to encourage young people to develop responsible behaviour, adopt cautious attitudes and take the necessary precautions when driving a motor vehicle and practising sports and leisure activities that carry a risk.

The Institut Guttmann launched this initiative under the name “Stop al Cop" (Stop at the Cop) in 1991, with the support of the Servei Català de Trànsit (Catalan Traffic Service). Ten years later, the programme changed its name, updating its image and becoming the current “GAME OVER: Do not play” programme, which is aimed at young people between ages 15 and 18, students at secondary school and vocational training centres in Catalonia, which is possible thanks to the commitment of more than 20 Institut Guttmann monitors who conduct awareness sessions and who have all experienced a traffic accident first-hand with serious consequences and tell students about their experience.

Surveys of students three months after the session showed the following:

  • 93% of students remember the monitor’s story quite a lot or a lot.
  • 91% of students remember the causes of accidents a lot or quite a lot and 96% its consequences.
  • 86% of students believe that the talks have a positive influence in preventing risky behaviour.
  • 44% of students say they have participated in risky behaviour on a previous occasion.
  • 48% of students say they have changed behaviors in relation to traffic.

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