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The Foundation Jordi Savall offers a concert of early music at the Institut Guttmann

пятница, 16 июня, 2017

The CIMA Foundation (International Center for Ancient Music by its Catalan acronym) was held on May 29 a concert of early music in the hospital. The performers, two musicians refugees from Syria, the singer and lutenist Waed Bouhassoun and the flutist (ney) Moslem Rahal, offered two small recitals in the area of ​​functional rehabilitation, in order to introduce music in neurorehabilitation activity of patients.

This initiative is part of the Orpheus’ Dream . Ways of Memory and Intercultural Dialogue" in honor of the Syrian people and in collaboration with the City Council.

The project aims to bring early music to small spaces where normally there comes the music of this type such as hospitals and prisons. This activity has been carried out at other healthcare institutions such as the Hospital de Sant Pau and the Hospital San Juan de Dios, and Quatre Camins prison and Wad-Ras.

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