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The sport: an ally of the rehabilitation process at the Institut Guttmann

The sport: an ally of the rehabilitation process at the Institut Guttmann
понедельник, 21 марта, 2016

In the Institut Guttmann, the sport is fully integrated into the rehabilitation process of people with disabilities. Adapted sports has become a potent therapeutic ally to improve their health, their degree of functional autonomy, self-esteem and relationship skills; circumstances that favor better social integration. This is the reason why regularly, sports activities are organized outdoor, into the natural environment, for people (adults, youth and children) with disabilities in order to enjoy contact with different sports and practice them in a different environment than usual , contributing to their mental and health status.

All these inclusive activities allow them to share with people without disabilities (family, friends...) and also could facilitate the continuity of the practice in the future. Among others, we promote activities like skiing, sailing, cycling, diving, kayaking...

One of these activities took place a few days ago in the Natural Park of Montserrat, in which three children in child rehabilitation toured 10km to the top of Sant Jeroni. In this case, the children participated with their families and they used Jölettes chairs, propelled by their families, Rodamunt association volunteers and accompanied by Alex Castan, a physical education teacher of the Institut Guttmann.

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