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Hon. Mr Felip Puig

El Hble. Sr. Felip Puig, Consejero de Interior, firma en el Libro de Honor del Institut Guttmann

Minister for Interior

мая 2011

Various emotions have flourished in this first visit to the Institut Guttmann as Minister for Interior of the Government of Catalonia: reconnecting with a good friend, Josep M. Ramírez, director and a key figure of this magnificent centre; find friends who are recovering thanks to the professionalism of many excellent people, greet Minister Antoni Subirà; weep with Isabel de Vilallovent... but above all to perceive the generosity and testimony of the coordinating team of the Game Over programme, which is the best campaign in the fight to reduce accidents on our roads. I am sure that many people before me have left this institution with a commitment to help, even more if possible, your foundation.

Thank you!