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Rights and duties of citizens in relation to health and health care

The Catalan Charter of rights and duties of persons in relation to health and health care, updated in 2015 and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is constituted as a social contract between people as active and central agents, and the health system, with the implicit commitment of institutions.

All areas and ethical principles recognized in the Charter are collected systematically in the information package that is delivered to people assisted in the Institut Guttmann.

Admissions and Client Care Unit

The Admissions Service and Client Care Unit is located in the main lobby and open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to process requests for reports and manage the demands and suggestions of patients and their families. After hours, the nursing supervisor will attend to any questions that may arise.

Suggestions and complaints box

The Institut Guttmann has a suggestion box available to all users, located next to the shop. All communications that include the name of the sender will receive a reply from hospital management and will be taken into account to improve, insofar as it is possible, the organisation and services of the hospital.

Additionally, patients are provided with a link to the Joint Commission International website in order to report issues related with safety and quality care:


For the proper functioning of the hospital and to avoid the problems that could it cause, it is absolutely forbidden to give away money or gifts of value to any employee of the hospital. Work at the Institut Guttmann is always based on a team performance, and its quality is supported by ethical and professional commitment.

If you want to express gratitude in the form of donation to the institution, this can be done through the Friends of the Institut Guttmann.

Data protection (Organic Law 15/1999)

the Institut Guttmann adheres to the Codi Tipus de la Unió Catalana d'Hospitals (Union of Catalan Hospitals Code), and so guarantees the security and confidentiality of personal data contained in the patient file. Any patient may exercise the rights of opposition, access, correction and deletion of personal data, in accordance with the law. Users can contact the Client Care Unit for all information regarding the exercise of their rights.

Living Wills

According to Article 8 of Law 21/2000 on the rights of information concerning health, patient autonomy and clinical documentation, adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia, the patient or his/her family must give the hospital the advance directive (“living will”), if there is any, in order to incorporate it into the medical records and be able to consider in the event that circumstances do not allow the patient to express their will personally. Likewise, the hospital must be notified if the patient has made the decision to donate his/her organs and/or tissues.

The coordinating doctor will address any questions regarding living wills or the donation of organs or tissues.

Life support measures

The right to personal autonomy is the right of every person to choose, at any time and with appropriate information, the therapeutic procedure from among those possible along with the intensity of its implementation. Only in cases of severe impairment of consciousness or difficulty in making decisions may it be replaced by the decision of a guardian or legal representative.

The standard procedure adopted by the Institut Guttmann when faced with a situation that would require the establishment of life support measures (CPR, mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition/hydration, etc.) is to be active with respect to the establishment of such measures, as long as no desire to the contrary has been stated. To state a desire, the patient can talk to his/her doctor and inform the hospital of his/her personal choice on the matter. The nursing personnel will supply an “Establishing Life Support Measures” document to be signed, which records that the patient is aware of this information and that he/she agrees with the approach it contains.

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