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University master's degrees. Official diplomas.

Másters Universitarios. Títulos Oficiales

One of the Institut Guttmann's objectives is to promote specialised training for healthcare professionals linked to the world of Neurorehabilitation, while increasing knowledge of techniques and experiences that promote the health and quality of life of people affected by a physical disability.

Attentive to the training needs in this area of knowledge, the teaching staff of the Institut Guttmann, after the experience gained in the 8 years of running the Postgraduate Certificate and the 6 years of running the master's programme in Neurorehabilitation, accredited by the UAB as their own diplomas, launched two new official master's programmes in 2010, adapted to the European Higher Education Area. These comprise a set of highly specialised modules that are interesting and useful for professionals working or interested in the world of neurological disability, in their approach, in its treatment and research, clinical and translational, to promote better care alternatives for people with physical disabilities.

  • Master's in Neurorehabilitation (6th edition)
  • Master's in Neurorehabilitation (7th edition)
  • Master's in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation (7th edition)
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