Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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University Institute of Neurorehabilitation

Instituto Universitario de Neurorehabilitación

As a University Institute attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), our MISSION is to develop academic, scientific and research issues in neuroscience in general and in neurorehabilitation and technology applied to personal autonomy in particular.

Among its values, the Institut Guttmann stresses its Academic Orientation aimed at the transfer of knowledge and quality multidisciplinary training in the field of neurorehabilitation for students and clinicians or researchers who want to deepen the knowledge and skills of this neuroscientific discipline.

The Teaching Unit of the Institut Guttmann has a wide range of training programmes, the main objective of which is to contribute to the training of specialised health professionals linked to the world of neurorehabilitation, allowing direct, rigorous and practical access to major diagnostics, technological and therapeutic advances of this clinical specialty and facilitate its implementation in the healthcare setting.

The modules include different training programmes that are also indicated for other healthcare professionals or students interested in learning or initiating themselves in this particular field of neurorehabilitation. They allow an introduction to the knowledge and experiences that promote health and quality of life for people affected by an acquired disability of neurological origin.

As a University Institute affiliated to the UAB, all educational programs and various specialisation courses, once passed successfully, allow one to obtain the corresponding accreditation as an official university degree or as a UAB qualification and certification of the number of European Credits -ECTS- in the programme.

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