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The UBUNTU program

The UBUNTU program
The UBUNTU Program, led by the Social Work Department of the Institut Guttmann, wants to group and coordinate all those actions aimed at ensuring dignity, respect for the rights and well-being, both physical and psychological, moral and material, of all the people who go to our hospital, as well as their families. Its main objective is to detect and act urgently, specifically and positively in the resolution or mitigation of those cases of vulnerability that affect them and are, or may be, cause suffering, marginalization, abuse or social exclusion.
Situations that due to their seriousness should be the subject of a special professional attention, but at the same time of an empathic and committed look with who suffers them; since they often manifest themselves in a non-evident manner, difficult to perceive if they are not expressly taken into account and, sometimes, under the appearance of normality, either due to ignorance of the victim's own rights, fear, part of situations that could be considered embarrassing, or because of cognitive alterations. Situations all of them that will be especially taken into account in children, adolescents and the elderly.
Within this program, and as a sign of the closeness and commitment of the Institut Guttmann to their patients, they include among others:  
  • The "Protocol for detecting situations of precariousness, vulnerability and social exclusion".  
  • The "Protocol of identification of possible abuse in children, women (gender violence) and alleged situations of cognitive disability".  
  • The "Psychosocial Frailty Protocol, developed by the Specialized Counseling and Support Team" in home and community interventions.  
  • The active participation program "The Voice of the Patient".  
  • The "Treatment Grants" created to prevent someone, due to lack of resources, from being left without some innovative treatment that, if necessary, is not included in the public portfolio of health services.

Ubuntu is a traditional African concept that comes from the Zulu and Xhosa languages, and constitutes an ethical rule focused on loyalty between people and relationships of fraternity and solidarity among them. It is a humanitarian principle of which they were great ambassadors to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu in the reconstruction of the current South Africa.

The Ubuntu philosophy can be summarized by saying that "nobody can be happy if happiness does not reign among those around him and of which we are part"; everyone is affected by the happiness or pain of others and we can not remain indifferent.


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