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Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Technologies for sensory-motor rehabilitation and support products.

Head of program: Dr. Eloy Opisso

Researchers: Dr. Jesús Benito, Dr. Montse Bernabeu, Dr. Josep Medina, Dr. Narda Murillo, Ms. Anna de Pobes, Dr. Joan Vidal, Dr. Anna Morales


Contribute to generate knowledge in neurorehabilitation that impacts on hospital clinical practice. Promote technological innovation as a tool to improve clinical practice and/or quality of life of people with disabilities.

Program Goals

  1. Introduce new technologies in the field of neurorehabilitation and thuscontribute to improve the functional capacity of patients with neurological problems.
  2. Promote technological innovation to improve the efficiency of rehabilitation procedures, generate objective information on each procedure and investigate new supporting products to improve the quality of life of patients.

Ongoing projects

Assesment of robotic therapy with exoskeletons in gait rehabilitation for incomplete spinal cord injury  (FIS 2016 National Paraplegics Hospital of  Toledo, SALGO III)

Code: PI15/01437

Participation of Institut Guttmann without funding
Project Typology: National competitive
Funding Entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Principal investigator: Dr. Joan Vidal
Execution: 2017

Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad. Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional.
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