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Social Research – QVIDLAB -

Head of program: Dr. Joan Saurí / Dr. Àngel Gil

Researchers: Ms. Mercè Yuguero, Ms. Raquel López, Mr. David Sánchez, Dr. Sara Laxe, Dr. Montserrat Bernabeu


The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (CIF, WHO, 2001) led to a model of understanding of disability in which contextual factors (personal and environmental) play a major role in people. Also the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN, 2006) establishes the rights to a general principle, such as Personal Autonomy, that is, the right to decide and its ability to choose to live an independent life with participation In community life. 

In this context, it is very important to promote knowledge about how these contextual factors affect reintegration into the socio-family environment after neurorehabilitation in the daily life of people with disabilities and in their quality of life. The Institut Guttmann as a leading organization in this area of ​​knowledge works for equal opportunities and social inclusion of people with a disability of neurological origin and promotes its active participation through the associations of the Institut Guttmann Social Council.

Program Goals

  1. Promote the generation of knowledge and Social Innovation in relation to the people that are the object of the care activity, by analyzing and valuing the effect of specialized neurorehabilitation on the autonomy, social participation and quality of life of people with disabilities. Support for the implementation and evaluation of inclusive social policies.
  2. To promote the knowledge empowerment of people with disabilities, with the participation of associations of persons with disabilities, especially those belonging to the Social and Participation Council of the Institut Guttmann.
  3. To strengthen the vision of the Institut Guttmann of its holistic, humanistic and ecological care model.
  4. To advance in the purpose of the institution: the struggle for the rights of people with disabilities.
  5. To strengthen the range of strategic alliances, especially with regard to WHO (CIF), associations of people with disabilities, social and disability observatories, universities, etc., both nationally and internationally.

Ongoing Projects

Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modeling in Stroke for better Quality of Life - PRECISE4Q

Project typology: European competitive
Funding Entity: European Union (Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020)
Principal investigator: Dr. Montserrat Bernabeu
Execution: 2018-2022
Code: 777107
Subsidy amount: 377.190€

VIGOUR. Evidence-Based Guidance to Scale-up Integrated Care in Europe

Project typology: European competitive
Funding Entity: EU (3rd Health Program- 3HP)
Principal investigator: Dr. Javier Solana
Execution: 2019-2021
Code: 826640
Subsidy amount: 32.485,20€


PARTICIPA is a research and social innovation project aimed at knowing and understanding how participation in society of people with disabilities can be promoted, with the aim of transforming it so that it is fully inclusive.

This study aims to identify the factors that facilitate and hinder the participation of people with disabilities in society, as well as to find innovative solutions that make it possible for everyone to participate with equal opportunities.


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