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Social Innovation and Disability

Social Innovation and Disability. Institut Guttmann

The Institut Guttmann has published "Social Innovation and Disability", a book published to mark the 50th anniversary of the institution which reflects the conclusions of the discussions on "Rights and Duties", "Associations as an Engine of Change" and "Social Innovation on Disability ", carried out by more than 400 people with disabilities, professionals and more than twenty associations during 2015.

The initiative launched by associations of people with disabilities represented in the Social Council and Participation of the Institut Guttmann, with the collaboration of other associations of people in the field of disability both in Catalonia, the rest of Spain and Andorra; as well as experts and opinion leaders from different social areas. Discussions were about the need of associations of people with disabilities of having a renewed discourse and about promoting a new agreement with the times.

After debates, 45 conclusions, 9 summary conclusions and 13 considerations were extracted. These findings were subjected to reflection in a round table where Joan Subirats, sociologist and professor of Public Policy at  UAB; Josep Giralt, vice president of ECOM Federation, member of the board of the Bureau of the Third Sector; Oriol Amorós, Secretary for Equality, Migration and Citizenship in the Labor, Social Affairs and Family Department; Lary León, journalist and coordinator of projects and contents in Atresmedia Foundation; Angel Gil, social field consultant of the Institut Guttmann and member of the board of the ECOM Confederation; and Cristina Sánchez Miret, professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Girona and research on inequality related to gender, age and social class.

Read the book here.



Wednesday, 14 September, 2016 - 12:42