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Social and Participation Council

The “Social and Participation Council” of the Institut Guttmann is an advisory body to the Board which includes representatives of the major associations of people with disabilities to whom their care activity is directed, related government agencies and professional experts, as well as members of the management team of the institute and a representative of the company committee.

It is a pioneering initiative in the health sector, which reinforces the social commitment of the institution, and it facilitates movement towards more transparent democratic forms, control, participation and collective responsibility.


Association representatives
Ms Bibiana Bendicho Latre President of ASPID, Associació de Paraplèjics  Discapacitats Físics de Lleida (Lleida Association of Paraplegics and the Physically Disabled)
Mr Albert Carbonell Quer
Vice-Chair of the Council
President of MIFAS, Minusvàlids Físics Associats de Girona (Girona Association of the Physically Disabled)
Mr Luciano Fernández Pintor President of FEDACE, Brain Health Spanish Federation
Ms. Agustina Grandvallet President of AMIDA, Association of functional disability of Andorra
Mr Antonio Guillén Martínez President of the Confederation ECOM Catalunya
Mr Blas Membrives Moya President of the Catalan Association “LA LLAR” (“THE HOME”) of people affected by multiple sclerosis
Ms Arantxa Ormazábal Representative of ACAEBH, Associació Catalana d'Espina Bífida i Hidrocefàlia (Catalan Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus).
Mr Ignacio Osorio de Rebellón Vilar General Director of PREDIF, State Platform of People with Physical Disability
Mr Anxo Queiruga Vila President of COCEMFE, Confederación Española de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica
Mr Antonio Reyes Chica President of ASPAYM Catalonia,  Associació de Paraplègics i grans discapacitats de Catalunya (Association of Paraplegics and the Severely Disabled of Catalonia).
Ms Joana Rodríguez Pérez President of APPCat, Associats de Pòlio i Post-pòlio de Catalunya (Polio and Post-Polio Association of Catalonia)
Ms Rosa Sanvicens Oliveras  President of TRACE, Associació Catalana de Traumàtics Cranioencefàlics i Dany Cerebral (Catalan Association of Traumatic Brain Injury and Brain Injury Sufferers)
As professional experts
Mr Quim Bonaventura Ayats Expert, was member of the boards of MIFAS, ECOM, COCEMFE, CERMI, and was alderman of the City of Girona
Mr Josep M. Bosch Vidal
Secretary of the Council
Lawyer, expert in health law and protection of personal data
Mr Dolors Colom Masfret Health expert in Social Work and director of the magazine Agathos
Ms Asun Pié Balaguer Researcher in disability. Professor of Psychology and Sciences of the Education at UOC
Mr Josep M Solé i Chavero
Chair of the Council
Lawyer, expert on social issues and director of the Tutelary Foundation of the Girona region
Mr Joan Subirats Humet Professor of Political Science and researcher of the IGOP
Mr Antoni Vilà Mancebo Lawyer, expert in social policy
Representatives of government agencies
Mr Roger Cuscó Segarra Head of Sectoral Programmes of the Departament de Benestar Social i Família (Department of Social Welfare and Family) of the de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)
Pending designation Catalan Health Service. Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)
Sr. Xavier García Albiol Mayor of Badalona 
Ms Carme Riu Pascual Member of the Governing Council of the Institut Municipal de Persones amb Discapacitat  (Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities) of the City of Barcelona
Institut Guttmann representatives
Ms Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart Care Director
Ms Montse Caldés Santamaría Manager
Mr Àngel Gil Origuén Social Filed Advisor
Ms Elisabet González Martín Communication and CSR Manager
Mr Xavier Pallàs García Chairman of the Works Council
Mr Josep M. Ramírez Ribas Director
Mr Josep M. Tormos Muñoz Research Director
Mr Joan Vidal Samsó Educational Director
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