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Quality policy

The Institut Guttmann is committed to quality through a comprehensive concept, ranging from its care and services offered to the compassion of its professionals and the excellence in management  of the organisation.

With the aim of continuously improving the safety of patients and adequately serving their families and the rest of society, the quality policy of the institution is based on five basic points:

  • The patient at the centre of organisational management.
  • The involvement (commitment and responsibility) of all professionals and contributors.
  • Transversality and process management, integrating all professionals from different areas.
  • The responsibility to society, the local area and the environment.
  • Learning and continuous improvement.

Following the paradigm of “Total Quality”, it is governed by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model, held by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), which ensures compliance with quality standards. The organisation also voluntarily undergoes Joint Commission International accreditation, which certifies that the centre meets international standards of quality of care and management of the organisation.


Fundación Acreditación Desarrollo AsistencialJoint Commission International

The Institut Guttmann quality committees

The Institut Guttmann quality committees. These are advisory bodies, composed of hospital professionals and collaborators who are experts in certain areas, that are intended to continuously ensure the safety of patients and quality of healthcare services.

Quality Committee
Mortality Committee
Infections Committee
Pharmacy and Therapy Committee
Clinical Documentation Committee
Care Ethics Committee (LINK)
Environmental Committee
Advisory Committee on Continuing Education
Surgical Committee
Nutrition Committee
Health and Safety Committee
Pain Committee
Radiology Committee
Committee for the Improvement of Patient Safety
Committee for the Assessment of the Analysis Laboratory
Teaching and Research Committee
Transfusion and Haemovigilance Committee
Equal Opportunities Committee
Children's Rehabilitation Committee


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