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Promoting physical education and sport

In the field of physical education and sports, the main goal of the Institut Guttmann is to promote the participation of disabled people in the field of education and physical activity in their immediate environment. This requires clients to provide the necessary resources to allow this inclusion to occur in a satisfactory manner, improving their functional abilities and motor skills, encouraging them to find a taste for physical exercise; in this way, the continuity of the activity upon completion of the rehabilitation process will be achieved.

Sport is one of the most important social events of our time. Everyone agrees on the social, cultural and educational values that sports provide to both personal and social development of human beings. Attentive practice of sports is a source of health, understood not only physically, but in its wider dimension of a person’s well-being. If this is important for everyone, then it is even more so for those who have a disability.

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Physical education and sport at the Institut Guttmann

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