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Patient Education

Sesión de apoyo

The Institut Guttmann holds support, guidance and information programmes aimed at patients under treatment in the hospital and their relatives.

The objective of the support programmes is to help minimize the perceived threat from losses suffered after neurological injury and, on the other hand, leverage resources to address the new situation which the patient faces, facilitating their process of adaptation. The programmes for the families of those affected are aimed at understanding  the consequences and the changes that such a disability (spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury etc.) can involve and provide tools to promote positive attitudes towards treatment and reintegration into the family and social environment.

The psychology, neuropsychology and social work team will personally tell each patient about the support programmes, delivering a packet with the content and dates of the program. A reminder of the planned activity will be given each week and sessions are announced on the noticeboards of the centre.

Topics addressed at the meetings:

  • Emotional response to a new situation.
  • Family and social relationships.
  • Adapting to changes and future projects.
  • Sexuality.

Psychoeducational groups for patients admitted with spinal cord injury

These sessions offer patients a place to receive basic information on health issues related to disability and their emotional approach. Conducted by a clinical psychologist, they combine educational, therapeutic and self-help aspects for people who have just experienced a spinal cord injury. In the sessions, patients can voice their concerns and emotions, contribute their opinions and share them with other participants.

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