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In order to enhance its clinical potential effectively and efficiently, the Institut Guttmann has established several strategic alliances with other prestigious medical institutions that complement its clinical ability, which provide their individual seal of quality.

Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital

In 2010, and given the physical proximity between the two hospitals (next to one another in the area of Can Ruti in Badalona), a framework cooperation agreement was established in order to promote the development of complementary actions in the healthcare, teaching and research fields. As a result of this cooperation, the following areas of action have been established:

  • HUGTiP Intensive Care Unit, which supports the Institut Guttmann in any need for this highly specialised service.
  • Paediatric Neurorehabilitation Unit, made up of professionals from the two hospitals, integrating since 2012 the expertise in neurorehabilitation of Institut Guttmann professionals with the knowledge of the prestigious HUGTiP paediatric service, with the aim of becoming an international leader in paediatric neurorehabilitation. The unit consists of the following doctors: María Méndez, Daniel León, Antonio de Francisco, Agustí Rodríguez, Marta Pajaro, i Laura Monlleó; and neuropsychologists Antonia Enseñat, Celeste Aparicio and Laura Ingold.
  • Neurourology unit, made up of professionals from both hospitals in 2012. Its aim is to be an international leader in the expert treatment of neurogenic bladder. It consists of the following doctors: Joan Areal, Albert Borau, Edwing Amaya, Mario Jorge Álves de Oliveira, Carolina Ochoa and Xavier Elías.

Dexeus–Institut Guttmann Women's Health Unit

Since 2009 the Institut Guttmann has established a partnership with Consultorios Dexeus SA (Dexeus Offices) for the specialised treatment for women with neurological disabilities in the areas of gynaecology, obstetrics and assisted reproduction. The aim is twofold: to gain knowledge and experience in these specialised care areas and to complement the comprehensive services given by the Institut Guttmann. The gynaecologists directly responsible for the service are Dr Dalia Rodríguez and Dr Alicia Pérez.

Clinical analysis and Pathology

The Institut Guttmann has contracted CERBA International for these services, ensuring the continuous updating of clinical diagnostic procedures with appropriate equipment and duly accredited personnel.

Medical imaging

In cooperation with the Fundación Privada IMHOTEP (Creu Blanca group), the Institut Guttmann has, in the hospital itself and at the facilities of the Creu Blanca group, the radiodiagnostic procedures necessary and appropriate for specialised clinical treatment of its patients. The radiologist responsible for this service is Dr Antonio Salvador.

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