Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Objectives of Technological Innovation

The Institut Guttmann has a proactive attitude to facilitate the implementation of healthcare, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, with the aim of:

  • Improving the efficiency of rehabilitation procedures
    • Greater intensity of treatments.
    • More safety for patients and therapists.
    • More homogeneous and reproducible.
  • Generate objective information about each procedure in relation to:
    • Treatment intensity.
    • Level of execution.
    • Objective indicators correlated with degree of clinical response.
    • Identifying patterns of response: evolution, stagnation, chronicity, etc.
  • Improving the therapist–patient relationship:
    • Allowing for intensification of treatment in cases that need it.
    • Having more information available to design more personalised treatments.
  • Identifying unmet needs that drive:
    • New bottom-up research process.
    • Alliances with technology partners.
    • Research and development of new technological solutions.
    • Generating new innovation processes and implementation of solutions.
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