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Treatment of behavioral changes in brain damage - TVE

Friday, 18 March, 2016

The program "Saber vivir" of Televisión Española made a monograph on "The feelings of the brain" last Thursday 17 March in which Antonia Enseñat, neuropsychologist at the Institut Guttmann and Dr. Joan Deus, head of the NeuroPsyco Social Area, explain the effects of a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and how the consequences may affect knowledge and emotions. 

Antonia Enseñat explains that these people may have apathy, depression, disinhibition ... and that is very important to inform the families of these reactions since they are the result of the injury itself.

To address these behavioral changes at the Institut Guttmann, we work with neuropsychology personal sessions, and with the tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation) which improves the patient's emotional state by changing the electrical response of the brain.

Dr. Joan Deus explained in the report how this device works. With the applying of an electric current, the neuron is more or less active and predisposed to respond, and this makes changes on the the mood of patients.

If you want to see the report (in spanish), it starts on minut 9.