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Technical Conferences of the Institut Guttmann, a scientific annual Meeting

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

The Institut Guttmann is already preparing the next edition of its Technical Conferences, that will be dedicated this year to the topic “Neurophsycology and school: Learning disorder”. The Conferences are a essential meeting place to share knowledge, and also to discover the latest innovations on neurorehabilitation.

On 2015, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Institut Guttmann, the XXVII Edition of the Technical Conferences was very special and it brought together the XXII National Conferences of the Spanish Society of Paraplegia (SEP) and the XXI Symposium of the Spanish Association of Skilled Nursing in the Injured Spinal Cord (ASELME), the First Conferences of Technology and Functional Rehabilitation and the "Conferences of Social Innovation and Disability: debates of disability in a changing society".

The objective of these Conferences is always encouraging innovation both on the specialized treatment and the most important challenges and opportunities for the social inclusion of people with neurological pathologies.

Have you seen the vídeo of the last Technical Conferences? 

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