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Registrations for 29th Technical Workshop of the Institut Guttmann are already open

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Registrations for 29th Technical Workshop of the Institut Guttmann are already open. This year they are focused on educational field under the title NEUROPSYCHOLOGY AND SCHOOL: MODELING THE BRAIN.

Although initially the studies of the executive functions in children and adolescents were carried out basically in the clinical field and did not have a direct application in the school environment, today this theoretical paradigm has been extended to the classrooms, developing a wide potential of intervention in school sphere. That is way, this year the Technical Workshop are aimed at professionals involved in the intervention of children and adolescents with learning disorders (doctors, clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, psycho-pedagogues, teachers ...) as well as students of these disciplines and the main objective of these Workshop is to tackle the latest knowledge and advances in school neuropsychology.

Issues such as the role of executive functions in school performance, the influence of the environment on brain development, intervention programs in both learning disorders and acquired brain damage and neuroeducation will be discussed during this scientific workshop, in which, in addition, the Institut Guttmann will try to contribute with its own experience in the integral treatment of these patients.

The meeting is going to take place next April 20 at the ONCE Auditorium (Gran Via, 400. Barcelona)

Information and registration here