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New edition of the Technical Symposia on Covid-19 and Neurorehabilitation

New edition of the Technical Symposia on Covid-19 and Neurorehabilitation
Wednesday, 13 October, 2021

On November 17, the 33rd Technical Symposial of the Institut Guttmann will take place in face-to-face and online format, this year under the title "Covid-19 and Neurorehabilitation", where we will share the learning acquired in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, both in the acute phase and, especially, in the Post-Covid phase.

Multisystemic involvement and serious vital compromise in the acute phase of the disease has been the greatest clinical challenge in the last hundred years. After this phase, in a significant number of cases, respiratory, cardiac, musculoskeletal and cognitive complications have appeared that have further aggravated the initial impact of the disease. To respond, it has been necessary to form interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams, which have helped to recover the compromised capacities of the affected people and to resume their daily activities. In addition, mobility restrictions, the overload of health services and the need to maintain isolation guidelines have made it necessary to adopt innovative solutions for the telematic provision of services.

From the Institut Guttmann, within the framework of this edition, we want to share with the rest of health professionals our learning by treating Covid patients, especially, in the Post-Covid phase, with highly disabling clinical manifestations in both old and young people and even children. We also want to share our experience in the various therapeutic strategies, as well as in the new Tele-Rehabilitation technologies developed by our neurorehabilitation engineering and therapeutic team; in the belief that they can help minimize the impact of persistent Covid-19 syndrome.