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Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Ms Paula Wilson, President of the Joint Commission International, visited us

Monday, 12 January, 2015

Ms Paula Wilson, President and CEO of the Joint Commission International and Joint Commission Resources, has visited the Institut Guttmann as one of the centres accredited by the JCI in order to get to know the institution and keep track of how the centres with this accreditation implement international standards governed by this organisation.

First, an informative meeting was held where we explained the unique features and characteristics of our hospital, the rehabilitation model, the implementation of quality and safety processes and the implementation of improvements detected during the various accreditation processes of the JCI. During the meeting, after the tour of the facilities, the new proposals in the current strategic plan were explained and the possibility of establishing agreements and new ways of collaboration between the two organisations and at other levels, beyond that of accreditation specifically, were discussed.

Ms Wilson, accompanied by various members of the management team, visited the hospital facilities, particularly the Department of Functional Rehabilitation and the inpatient units.