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The Institut Guttmann runs La Milla of Sagrada Familia

Monday, 25 April, 2016

Last Sunday 24th April, more than 40 patients, children and adults, and their families, all of them accompanied by a group of professionals of the hospital, participated on the athletic race La Milla, in Barcelona. The objective was enjoying sport and also demonstrating that people with disabilities could practice sport in an inclusive way.

The race is organized by Claror Foundation since 1985. This entity promotes sport, health and leisure for everybody. This year has been the first time the Institut Guttmann has participated, not only on the race, also in other complementary activities like a Sh’bam Masterclass and an Oldstar rock concert.

All these inclusive activities allow them to share with people without disabilities (family, friends...) and also could facilitate the continuity of the practice in the future.