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The Institut Guttmann receives the "Mussol de l'Any" award of Sant Quirze del Valles

Tuesday, 12 April, 2016

The Institut Guttmann received Saturday the "Mussol de l'Any" (Owl of the Year) Award from the City of Sant Quirze del Valles in its 24th edition. The awards, organized by the Ateneo St. Quirze and the City Hall reward institutions or individuals who stand out for their intelligence and/or philosophy, qualities given to the owl, symbol of the town that takes protagonism during these days with a high number of events organized.

The award was collected by Dr. Ramirez from Dr. Manel Sabes, president of Ateneo Sant Quirze, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Relations and Territory of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and member of the Joint Committee of the Institut Guttmann.

During the meeting several awards, including the Mussol de Sant Quirze and Mussol de l'Any surrendered. This time, the Mussol de l'Any Award was also for the Swimming Club Sabadell and the Sant Quirze Mussol has been to Radio Sant Quirze.

Other illustrious Mussols have been Johan Cruyff, Andreu Buenafuente, Jordi Évole, Emma Bonino, Pasqual Maragall, Gemma Nierga and Carles Francino among others.

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  • Dr Ramírez recull el Mussol de l'any
  • Dr Ramírez recull el Mussol de l'any
  • Premis Mussol de l'any